Attend The Next General Members Meeting

Tuesday, May 6th, 7:00pm, at the DSRPC Clubhouse


DSRPC Election Update

These Members Have Been Nominated For The Following Positions:


  • Wesley Chin
  • Walt Reulbach
  • Howard Bloom (Incumbent)

Vice President: (Unopposed)

  • Joe Bognar

Treasure: (Unopposed)

  • Keith Myers

By-laws Committee Members:

  • Brain Jones
  • Martha Antonio (Incumbent)
  • Chris Nelson

Ballot Committee Chairperson: (Unopposed)

  • Joe Orlick

Ballot Committee Members:

  • Fred Herr
  • Baxter Tharin
  • Debi Wright
  • Roy Jackson


To All DSRPC Members:

The Executive Board will be scheduling interview’s for the position
of Executive Range Officer until 4/4/14. The candidate should
have experience in the following areas but not mandatory.

  • Good Communication and computer skills.
  • Have knowledge of range construction. Will serve as chairperson of range construction committee. Will appoint four or more members to the range construction committee.
  • Meet with contractor’s to get bid’s for range construction.
  • Handle all scheduling for match events and Law Enforcement.
  • Have general supervisor of all competition.
  • Responsible for all employee’s scheduling with E-Board approval.
  • Have attended a minimum of 60% of the general meeting.

Please contact club secretary Terry Slotterbeck at 702-672-1830 to schedule appointment.


Attention Members

The Next E-Board Meeting Will Be On April 15th At 6pm At The Club House

If you have any issues you would like to discuss with the E-Board please contact
Terry Slotterbeck (secretary) at 702-672-1830 so you can be put on the agenda.
You may also do the same for the upcoming General Meeting.


Target Frames & Stands for Rent or Purchase

Target Frames: $10.00 • Stands: $5.00


DSRPC Ball Caps & Patches For Sale

These Ball Caps and Patches feature our new logo!

Ball Caps $16.00 each Patches $8.00 each

Please contact Terry Slotterbeck at 702-672-1830 to make arrangements.
Please have the correct currency.